About the Artist



Photographer \ Cat Fanatic \ Innapropriate Meme Lover 

I am an introvert, the rare white tiger of Myers Briggs, an INFJ. I'm usually a bit reserved, but once I get to know you, I open up quickly! I love animals and the relationships they have with their owners, I love photographing births where I can document the beginnings of families and the newest lives as they enter the world. I love a stiff cup of coffee, I love to travel and see new places and things. I love to laugh, the kind of laugh that makes me cry and need my inhaler. The kind of laughs that involve memes of Nicolas Cage and Cats. Seriously, google 'Nicolas Cage Cats'. I love being a wife, mother, and the kind of friend you can count on. I'm a problem solver, which is a good thing to be on a wedding day!

I started photographing weddings in 2012, my professional photography journey began shortly after I was married and fell in love with wedding photography. I'm a two time graduate of the Foundation Workshop, a week long intensive photojournalism workshop, where I developed skills that allow me to identify photographs before they happen, to compose my photos in a way that highlights the necessary elements for an impactful photograph, and to wait for the emotion that will complete the photograph. I'm also an award winning member of the Wedding Photojournalism Association. 

The House Mission

As your photographer, my goal is to take photos of you and your loved ones that reflect the true spirit of your relationship and personalities. My most favorite photos are of you in your natural state, laughing or connecting reflecting the emotion that you were feeling in that moment of time. Fur babies, love letters, and stops for coffee are always welcome during your session. 

Who are my clients? Who are you? You are head over heels in love. You are unabashedly affectionate. You love the outdoors and being outside. You aren't afraid to take some risks and maybe climb up a hill in heels or let the wind blow your hair. You love to laugh. You might be a little bit weird. You like champagne. And coffee. And snacks. During your wedding day, you'll be surrounded by your closest loved ones, the people in your life who truly have your back. The kind of people who will make you cry during their toasts. You love pictures that peek into the depths of these relationships. But you also love sunsets and pretty pictures. You love to dance, and you LOVE to bring the house down!